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Well my story

-during this period of the corona pandemic I found out things are easier when it isn’t by imposition or lack of options. Eg the stay home order became insufferable when we were asked to stay home and when the taxis we stopped further depriving me of my one day trip to the park in a week it just made things worse

-during this pandemic I learnt that without freedom we are all the same. The politicians in Africa couldn’t travel for treatment and had to suffer like the rest of us as they refused to build good facilities for the citizens and the travel restrictions means they can’t go out for treatment in USA or Europe as they normally do

-celebrities are humans like us. Taking away the freedom of movement they all try to reach out to engage with people unlike before they shy away from fans

-the planet took a well deserved rest. I feel it should be made a compulsory thing. Once a week or a month there is no movement all through the country to reduce the damage to the ozone

-I learnt the value of onsite classes. Home studying isn’t easy for anyone and if home studying is then is that an option for students now to be able to study from home with little to no contact with other students

-I learnt that there are always going to be dumb people on this planet and boredom just fuels their stupidity

-I learnt that vaccines for almost all diseases could be found if the world would compete to make it

-I learnt that money has no value without freedom of movement or freedom of using it

-I learnt that when you’re dying family love has no and the only one who can protect you other than God is your loved ones


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