Georgia starts 12-day mandatory quarantine for UK arrivals

Georgia introduced a mandatory quarantine for people arriving from Great Britain, the Interagency Coordination Council on COVID-19, announced on December 21.

Citizens who have UK travel history in the last 14 days will undergo a 12-day mandatory quarantine.

This rule applies to the Georgian citizens, business visitors, and the citizens/residents of the 18 European countries who traveled in the UK in that past two weeks. Earlier, Georgia allowed citizens and permanent residents of 18 European countries to enter the country, but the UK was not on the list.

The UK reported the first case of a new coronavirus strain in September, the number of a new Covid-19 variant increased in December.

The UK health officials claim the new variant is 70% more transmissible.

Effective today, European countries halted flights from the UK to stop a mutant coronavirus strain.

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